There is no room for complacency when it comes to risk of fire.

Proactive, affective fire precautions are quite simply a matter of life and death.

There are many buildings which require Fire Alarms by law, not only commercial and industrial buildings but landlords must always ensure that their rental properties are equipped with state of the art and quality tested fire alarms. If you are a landlord or a commercial property owner and require fire safety equipment to be installed and maintained by professionals, T.B.Eleactrical can design, install and maintain your fire alarms in accordance with BS 5839.

Be safe be compliant….

Fire Alarms.

For small installations 2 wire fire alarms are often proposed. These allow sounders to be installed onto the same circuit as the smoke detectors, reducing the installation cost.
For medium sized installations, conventional fire alarms are proposed, both the sounders and the smoke detectors are wired separately, and for large installations an analogue addressable fire alarm system is used. This is then wired in a loop which incorporates all sounders and smoke detectors. Each device is allocated a text description, which allows the user to pin point where the activation occurred.

T.B.Electrical will design the correct bespoke system for you…



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